Causes of Car Collisions

Published: 15th February 2010
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Car collision has dwindled in recent years with more cars being launched in the market and a drastic increase people's car buying capacity in India. We here in this article do an analysis of the causes for the car collisions in India. It is believed that about one lakh Indians die every year due to road accidents. The absence of traffic ethics, increasing number of on-road vehicles and poor quality of Indian roads add to the increasing number of accidents.

The prevailing dangers on our roadways are in fact the most dreaded cause of car collisions and accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities among the victims. Here are some of the major causes of car collisions and accidents:

• Driver Incompetence - A great number of drivers lack the proper training on road safety. Many of them even defy the traffic regulations such as tail gaiting, over speeding and many more road rules that tend to protect the drivers, including them, from harm.

• DUI (Driving Under Influence) or Intoxication - Driving a car after drinking liquor excessively is very dangerous for it impair driving capabilities. Thus, the law strictly prohibits the too much intake of alcohol or other illegal substances especially when driving a car.

• Distractions - Drivers are expected to exercise extreme concentration while driving. However, many distractions such as active discussions with co-passenger, usage of cell phones, loud car stereos, smoking and eating during driving tend to divert their attentions and make their driving too risky.

• Heavy Rains - Weather is also a great factor in a safe road travel. Studies show that many car accidents happen during bad weather conditions - making the road surfaces slippery and affecting clear visibility. is the First Car Portal in India with Interactive Car Animations. Get more information on the New Car Loan and New Car

• Poor Road Design - In India all our road and highways are not properly designed and hence making driving really difficult. On such challenging roads, if the weather conditions are bad, then the chances of accidents increases and may lead to a deadly car accident.

• Vehicle Defects - Drivers and car owners should make it a point to have an overall check up on the car's mechanical and technical aspects.

• Speeding - Driving over the speed limit is also a major cause of car collisions. There are certain speed limits chosen by the traffic control bodies to ensure safety of the driver. Driving at the given speed limit allows the driver to respond efficiently to sudden emergencies like sudden stop, on-road obstacle, or even an expected collision. Exceeding the speed limit directly reduces the driver's response time, which further leads to an accident.

• Aggressive Driving - Aggressive driving refers to a combination of offenses that includes speeding, changing lanes, missing traffic signals, inconsiderate driving and being negligent on roads. The trigger for such kind of driving is mainly the traffic congestion mated with the shortage of time to reach a specified destination. Due to this, the driver commits multiple violations which cause them to take an elusive action that either results to road rage or even a fatal crash. It is always recommended to stay calm and patient when behind the wheel. This is to ensure the safety of all those who share the same road for driving.

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