Ford Endeavour is Most Dependable SUV in India

Published: 18th July 2009
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India's diverse climatic conditions and different driving styles make it difficult to gauge in set parameters. However, dependability of cars is a key factor for consideration when car buyers look to buy one. In order to set things in the right perspective the premier audit company JD Power conducted a study on India Vehicle Dependability. JD Power revealed a segment wise dependability report.

The findings revealed that Ford Models scored the highest on dependability factor in the entry mid-size and SUV segments. Toyota ranked the highest in premium sedan category and MUV/MPV segments. Maruti scored high in the small car segment and Honda Motors ranked highest in the mid-size sedan category. Honda leads in the industry in three of the nine categories- vehicle exterior, driving experience and engine. Ford Endeavour scored the least problems for any vehicle in India.

The study measured the dependability of the vehicles in 10 car segments in India. It measured the dependability based on the number of problems reported in per 100 units. The problems could be anything ranging from vehicle headlamps, mirrors, exterior body panels, engine and transmission and vehicle interior. The vehicles with the lowest scores got the highest ranks.

Let us start from the small car segment, Maruti Suzuki tops the list. Among three of Maruti cars, Maruti Suzuki Zen tops the list with the least number of problems after reporting 211 complaints per 100 vehicles. It is followed by Maruti Suzuki WagonR and Maruti Suzuki Alto. The average number of complaints was 303 per 100 units of small car. This study was conducted before Honda Jazz and Fiat Grande Punto entered the small car segment. Further they are far for completing the three year mark. So we have to depend on this finding till then.

In the entry level sedan segment Ford Ikon ranks the highest with a low score of 228 problems per 100 vehicles. It is followed by Hyundai Getz. The average number of complaints in this category of cars is 330. It is the lovable Honda City which gave the least reasons for complaint. Honda City scored only 155 complaints. It was followed by Ford Fiesta with a mere 183 number of problems and average number of complaints in the mid-size segment is 214 units. Surprisingly, the mid-size segment reported far fewer problems than the small car segment.

In the premium mid-size segment, Toyota Corolla reported only 129 problems and Honda Civic reported only 167 problems. Chevrolet Optra also fared well with only 199 problems reported per hundred vehicles.

In the MUV/MPV (multi-utility vehicle/multi-purpose vehicle) segment, Toyota Innova clocked 182 problems and Chevrolet Tavera reported 222 problems. It was followed by Mahindra Bolero with 286 problems.

In the SUV segment, Ford Endeavour was the least problematic vehicle after reporting a mere 75 problems per 100 vehicles. Astounding! It was followed by Honda CR-V with 125 problems and Tata Safari Dicor with 344 problems. The average number of problems in the SUV segment was 334. Ford Endeavour is a testimony to the best of engineering and design. It is an exemplary vehicle whose example should be followed by all Indian cars.

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