Ride on Nitrogen Inflated Tyres

Published: 09th March 2009
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Gone are the days when tyres were filled only with the air. Now just like replacing or upgrading other car components we can also replace the air tyres with nitrogen filled tyres.

Nitrogen is was used in aircraft tyres, military vehicles, racing bikes and the also in the Formula one cars. It is often said that Nitrogen inflated tyres are better performer than the air inflated tyres. In the air tyres, there oxygen leads rotting of the rubber particles. But in the case of nitrogen inflated tyres as there is lack of oxidation, the nitrogen does not escape and gives better life to the tyres.

Oxidation also results in overheating of tyre, therefore reducing the life of tyre and also results in blow outs. This will further hinder the load capacity of the vehicle is designed for. The steering will turn slow and sluggish resulting in terrible results. The air tyres are composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and about 1% water vapour and other gases. The dry nitrogen is cooler, lighter, and does not cause any kind of rust on the steel or aluminium rims. As nitrogen inflated tyre does not heat up the life of the tyre is longer, braking is efficient and also helps in good fuel economy

Highlights of Nitogen Tyres

• Brings down corrosion - Since there is no space for moisture in the pure nitogen, the rusting does not take place.

• Slower rate of pressure loss - The molecules of nitrogen are larger than the oxygen and this means that it is slower to leak out and helps to maintain the tyre pressure

• Eco-friendly in nature- With its eco friendly features nitrogen inflated tyres helps to support the 'Green Environment'.

Easy to Fill

It is very easy to fill the nitrogen tyres for the first timers. All one has to do is to empty the air from the tyre and ensure that it air is completely escaped. Then just fill the tyres with nitrogen. Now days there are many garages are now offering nitrogen fills for tyres instead of conentional air filling.

Importance of Nitrogen tyres

• Better Fuel Efficiency - It is always important to check tyre pressure. Right tyres pressure improves the performance of the tyre but also maximizes the fuel efficiency.

• Long Life - In the air inflated tyres, when the other material blend with oxygen it causes oxidization which results in poor tyres. In the air inflated tyres, the temprature increases and there is high possibility of tyre blowout. Nitrogen inflated tyres are cooler and lighter and results in long life to the tyres. Nitrogen can increase up to 25% of tyre life and a 5% reduction in fuel consumption together with a reduction in CO2 emissions.

• Safety -Nitogen inflated tyres are much said to ne safer against the air inflated tyres. 90 percent of tyres are blown out with the underinflated tyres. Nitrogen helps to maintain accvurate tyre pressure reducing the chances of blowouts.

There are other segments where nitrogen is used like

NASCAR - National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing teams use nitrogen as it helps to predict the tyre fluctuation accuretly.

Commercial Airlines - All the commercial aircraft tyres are nitogen inflated. This helps to eliminated potential for water vapour from freezing at high altitudes. U.S. Government - NASA and the U.S. military utilize nitrogen for many of the same reasons aforesaid.

Food Processors and Packagers - In order to preserve food for longer period processors and packagers often use modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) where it replaces some or all of the oxygen in the air inside thepackage with nitrogen.

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