Top 3 Strange Car Designs

Published: 02nd October 2009
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Car designs have been capturing the imagination of car lovers all over the world. There are cars that come in eye-popping, jaw-dropping designs. Some of the car designs could be unusual as well and we may find them strange compared to other conventional cars.

However, strange a car design may be, it is a result of extreme imaginative power and creativity. Compiled here is a listing of the top 3 strange car designs available across the globe:

Peel P50

The Peel P50 is the world's smallest car. The P50 is a cute and stylish micro-car manufactured in the 1960s by the Manx Peel Engineering Company. This strange car is a three-wheeled and one-seater car that weighs about 68 kg. The Peel P50 uses a 49 cc DKW engine equipped with a three-speed manual transmission. The car can run to a maximum speed of 64 kmph. The car is beautifully structured with one door on the left side, single windscreen wiper, and one headlight. It is available in a range of vibrant colors like Daytona White, Dragon Red, and Capri Blue.

The car was advertised as suitable for "one adult and a shopping bag". Around two hundred of these cars were built.

Brinks Dynamics Carver

The Brinks Dynamics Carver can be steered like a normal car but banks like a motorcycle. It is the perfect car to drive in humungous traffic, between the cars and on the pavements. The Brinks Dynamics Carver offers superior speed, maneuverability, enhanced stability and decent mileage of 21km/h.

The car can bank from left to right in just a second. It is equipped with the Dynamic Vehicle Control system which automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle, enabling the Brinks Dynamics Carver to lean before cornering, while the power assisted front wheel steering and active rear wheel steering offers stability.

The Carver is developed by aeronautical engineers and has a jetfighter-like cockpit hiding the integral welded steel chassis providing safety for the driver and passenger. The front window merges with the body-colored roof panel that can be easily detached to enjoy a panoramic view from all angles.

Tank Car

The Tank Car was originally designed for the famous American stand-up comedian and television host Jay Leno. It was built by Randy Grubb. This car is considered to be the most powerful car in the world. The name of the car is derived from the exclusive and rare type of engine the car is equipped with. The Tank Car is powered by a 29 litre WWII M47 Patton tank engine that yields a torque of 1600 bhp @ 2800 rpm and 1600 ft lbs at 2400 rpm. The power runs through the Allison HD4060 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox and delivers a top speed of 225 km/h.

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